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Book Review… The Hiding Places by Katherine Webb

Author: Katherine Webb

Title: The Hiding Places

Length: 407pages

Publishing: Orion Books

Well, I loved this book. I love all of Katherine Webb’s books to be fair, but this one is truly one of my favourites. Katherine Webb is one of my favourites, whenever anyone asks me who my favourite author is, Katherine Webb’s name is always, and I mean always in the mix.

One hot summer in 1932. A house at the heart of the village. A crime that will shock the community. A man accused and two women with everything to lose. When Donny Cartwright is accused of murder, his sister Pudding is determined to discover the identity of the real killer. Together with newcomer, Irene, she begins to uncover the truth – a secret that has been buried for years. But when they happen upon a strange object, hidden in the past, they realise it will change everything…

‘I don’t really think love needs a why. Some things simply are. I saw you, I watched you dance and smoke… always with that lost, embattled look in your eye, and I knew that you were kind, and bright, and different… and it simply happened. It came into being. And I am so, so happy that it did.’

Now, when I say Katherine Webb is one of my favourites it’s because of passages like this above. The way Katherine tells a story is outstanding. You get lost in the eloquent way she writes, with her beautiful descriptions of the setting, her detailed dialogue and the characters she creates, all of whom are so well written and thought out you believe the decisions they make, you have empathy for them and you can’t wait to see what happens to them. It’s all testimony to Katherine’s writing.

Katherine’s stories always have such a intriguing plot, but this book is one of the best. This book has such a twist at the end! It was totally shocking, yet believable and made perfect sense. I mean how often are we not disappointed by a twist? But the story keeps you guessing all way, with enough plot to not make you rush to the end, with the love story, and the friendship which is enough to entertain you.

So, if you like historical fiction, British fiction, or just a really, really good book that keeps you guessing, then I highly recommend this book. Or any of Katherine Webb’s books. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Also, Katherine has a new book coming out in the spring called ‘The Disappearance’. I know it sounds good already doesn’t? I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

If you guys loved this book or didn’t (which I would find hard to believe) comment and let me know…

Until the next review


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