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Book Review: ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

Title: Becoming

Authors: Michelle Obama

Length: 421 pages

Publisher: Penguin/Viking


Now, I know Memoirs aren’t everybody’s ideal read. But if you feel like trying to broaden your horizons, then definitely pick up this one. It’s one of the best I’ve read.

‘When she was a little girl, Michelle Robinson’s world was the South Side of Chicago, where she and her brother, Craig, shared a bedroom in their family’s upstairs apartment and played catch in the park, and where her parents, Fraser and Marian Robinson, raised her to be outspoken and unafraid. But life soon till her much further afield, from the halls of Princeton, where she learned for the first time what it felt like to be the only black woman in a room, to the glassy office tower where she worked as a high-powered corporate lawyer- and where, one summer morning, a law student named Barack Obama appeared in her office and upended all her carefully made plans.

‘It hurts to live after someone has died. It just does. It can hurt to walk down a hallway or open a fridge. It hurts to put on a pair of socks, to brush your teeth. Food tastes like nothing. Colors go flat. Music hurts, and so do memories. You look as something you’d otherwise find beautiful – a purple sky at sunset or a playground full of kids -and it only somehow deepens the loss. Grief is so lonely this way.’

This memoir is truly wonderful. The stories Michelle tells are truly fascinating. From her humble beginnings to her time as First Lady.

I loved Michelle’s memories from her childhood. They were told so vividly. You’ll absolutely fall in love with her parents, who you can truly tell shaped her to becoming the wonderful person she is. The story of her romance with Barack is so tender and heartwarming, it’s like something out of a novel. It’s so nice to get to know the people behind the political figures. And Michelle doesn’t hold back.

Of course, the bit I was really waiting for was the Presidential Campaign and the Presidency. And they didn’t disappoint. It was so intriguing to read about what goes on behind the scenes, how Michelle handled the attacks and how they managed to raise two children in such extreme circumstances.

What really impressed me throughout this memoir was Michelle’s writing. It was so eloquent. The stories were honest, detailed, entertaining. Michelle’s writing was heartfelt (see quote above to see just how brilliant it was) funny, clever and self deprecating.

The Obamas ran their campaign on hope. Somehow throughout this memoir Michelle has managed to convey hope and the reader is, I truly believe because I was, is left with hope. And to me, that’s a sign of a terrific read.

So, if you like memoirs, have an interest in politics or want to get to know the person you’ve seen on your tv screens for years, then this is the book for you. Comment and let me know.

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1 thought on “Book Review: ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama”

  1. People have talked about this and I have to send it in so many websites that has called my attention a lot! It is so nice to understand what the book is about because I thought it was only about the campaign but from your review I see that it’s that and more. I’m happy to see that her writing is really good and that make this book with appealing ! Thank you for sharing!!!


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