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(E)ARC Books + My other social media.

Just a quick blog post to say I’ve been blessed by the Netgalley Gods, and I’ve been granted 4 ARC’S this week and I’m extremely grateful!

As I said I’ve been given a total of four this week. I know a lot of people can get more, but I don’t like to request too many as some don’t interest me or aren’t my type of book and I don’t want to give bad reviews.

The books are:

  • ‘Brush Strokes’ by E.S Karlquist from InterludePress. This once comes out on the 12th March. It’s an LGBT romance.I’m reading it now and it’s good.
  • ‘Once More Unto the Breach’ by ‘Meghan Holloway. This once comes out on the 14th May. It’s historical fiction. It’s a mystery/thriller. I can’t wait to get stuck into this one.
  • ‘Another Life’ by Robert Haller. This one comes out on the 4th June. It’s a general fiction. Told from different perspectives. Sounds interesting.

    ‘Bethlehem’ by Karen Kelly. This one comes out on the 9th July. It’s another historical fiction. About two women, thrown together in the name of family.

    Can I just read all these books now? They all sound fantastic.

    Just a reminder that you can follow me on other social media’s

    Instagram: Jthbooks

    Twitter: Jthbooks1

    Goodreads: Jthbooks

    Until the next review


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