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WWW Wednesday – 8th May

Welcome to another blog post of WWW Wednesday. These are just little blog posts where I (and many others) share what we’ve been reading. Again, we’ve been having beautiful weather in the U.K., but I’m still managing to get my reading done.

What is WWW Wednesday?

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme where all you have to do is answer three simple questions. Look at me using the word meme! I feel so young!

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What have you finished reading recently?
  • What are you planning to read next?

So let’s get started!

What are you currently reading?

Right now I’m currently reading ‘The Disappearance’ by Katherine Webb. I’m a huge fan of Katherine’s work. I own all her books. This one is just a good. It’s comes out May 16th. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book from Katherine Webb. She even signed it! Check this one out.

What have you finished reading recently?

I’ve finished two books this month so far and I actually enjoyed both of them.

First up was ‘Once More Unto The Breach’ by Meghan Holloway. This was a Netgalley book and it was fantastic. Such a great historical fiction novel. Great writing, story and characters. This once comes out May 14th.

Secondly was ‘Farzaneh and the Moon’ by Matt Wilven. This book was sent to me by Legend Press. The writing in this book was beautiful. So atmospheric, such intriguing characters. This once comes out May 15th.

What are you going to read next?

This is such a tough question for me. I never know what I’m going to pick next. All the books I said I’d read last time I didn’t. But now, I haven’t got any ARC’s to read. Maybe my TBR pile might start going down? I don’t think so.

First up is ‘An American Marriage’ by Tayari Jones. All I know about this book is it’s in Oprah’s bookclub and if it’s in Oprah’s bookclub it’s good enough for me. I think this is my book of choice.

Secondly, there’s ‘The Song of Achilles’ by Madeline Miller. I’ll be honest, this is a strong contender. I’ve heard such amazing things about this book and I’m desperate to read it. Maybe I’ll read this after ‘An American Marriage’

Well, I hope you all enjoy what you’re reading currently and feel free to do your own version of this post.

Until the next review


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