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BLOG TOUR. ARC Book Review: ‘Farzaneh and the Moon’ by Matt Wilven.

Title: Farzaneh and the Moon

Author: Matt Wilven

Length: 231 pages

Publisher: Legend Press

I’m thrilled to be taking part in my first blog tour, and I’m so happy it was for this book.

‘Farzaneh and the Moon’ is the second novel by Matt Wilven after his debut ‘The Blackbird Singularity’ came out in 2016.

When N meets a charismatic outsider called Farzaneh, he realises that something has been missing in his life. They fall for each other and begin an intense and passionate relationship. However, Farzaneh starts to isolate herself, becoming obsessed and embroiled in her mysterious connection with the moon. N is forced to reappraise everything he knows, searching for meaning and identity while he violently collides with the limits of intimacy and love.

‘ I recall the mesmerisation I felt in that moment when I first saw her, sitting on Shaun’s bed. The black hunger in her eyes pulling me in from across the room, something eerie and intangible telling me she was my future, she was the place where I belonged, where I always needed to be.’

I’ll start by saying I thought this book was so beautifully written. The prose is stunning. Matt Wilven uses such wonderful metaphors. He conjures up such alluring imagery, with the scene or the environment the characters found themselves in, you can imagine walking down the streets of London with them, or sitting in the park. The writing is what first had me hooked on this book.

What I really enjoyed about this book, were the characters. Farzaneh is an enigma. N becomes totally transfixed with her and so do we as the reader. Farzaneh personality is so intense, she’s an absolute joy to read. Their relationship, which is the main plot of the whole book, is just delicious. How it starts off with such passion, for it to disintegrate.

It’s fascinating to read how N reacts to Farzaneh journey. It makes you wonder how you’d deal with the situation. The whole book makes you think, how do we change for other people? How far can our belief go in someone? Yet, it never loses the personal touch of these two complex characters.

The dialogue in this book was another highlight. It was so sharp, so intelligent. It keeps the book moving at such a quick pace. Also, by the end I couldn’t put this book down. I had to find out if Farzaneh made her connection to moon complete, if N joined her or stayed in this reality. The ending left so many questions, it leaves it up to reader to decide what happened. I just loved it.

If you like beautifully written books with challenging ideas, then I definitely recommend this book. It sort of reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song and there’s no higher compliment than that. This book is so intense, in the best way. It just totally captivated me.

I was given the book by Legend Press in return for an honest, unbiased review. It came out May 15th. Check it out.

Until the next review


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