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May Wrap Up

The way these months fly by absolutely blows my mind. It’s pure craziness. But another month gone by means another month of reading and that can never be a bad thing.

I managed to read six books this month. Six! I know some of you read six books a week, but six a month is a lot for me. I normally only manage five. Maybe I am becoming a faster reader. A boy can dream.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

First up this month was ‘Once More Unto The Breach’ by Meghan Holloway. I loved this book. It was historical fiction. It was a real thriller. It was Meghan’s debut novel and I can’t wait to see what she writes next. This book is out now.

Secondly was ‘Farzaneh and the Moon’ by Matt Wilven. This Book was part of my first book blog tour. It was intense, in the best way. Beautifully written. With an ending that leaves you wondering. I really enjoyed it. This book is out now.

Third this month was ‘The Disappearance’ by Katherine Webb. I’m a huge fan of Katherine’s. I’d waited a long time for this book. And it didn’t disappoint. One of my favourite reads of the year so far. Check it out. It’s out now.

Fourth up, was ‘The Edge of Nowhere’ by C.H. Armstrong. I started off loving this book, but as it went on it became to depressing. It was just one thing after another. It became unbelievable. I’ve read better historical fiction this year. It comes out June 1st.

Fifth was ‘Another Life’ by Robert Haller. This was my worst book of the month. Full of cliches, bland characters and a boring story. That sounds harsh, I’m sorry. It comes out June 4th.

Sixth this month was ‘Alex in Wonderland’ by Simon James Green. It was the only LGBT book I’ve read this month and I loved it. So much. So grateful I got my hands on it early. Such a sweet love story. Comes out June 6th.

Well that’s it for me. Who knows, next month maybe I’ll get to 7 books read. Maybe Ill make that my goal. Wish me luck.

Until the next review


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