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Anticipated Reads for 2020!

I can’t believe 2019 is over! It’s crazy. This year absolutely flew by. But a new year means what NEW BOOKS! NEW BOOKS! NEW BOOKS! Did I say that enough to get the message across?

Now, do I need new books to add to my tbr? Absolutely not. I’ve still got so many to read, some that will probably still be on my tbr at the end of 2020! But that’s what being a book blogger is all about right? An abundance of books.

There’s so many books I’m looking forward to in 2020. Literally so many. My poor tbr! 2019 was my year of queer fiction, and it looks like that will continue next year as there looks to be a lot of good queer fiction out. How exciting. Also, one of my favourite authors has new book our next year which I’m incredibly looking forward to.

So, let’s get started on the books shall we?

‘The Book of Longings’ by Sue Monk Kidd. Sue is one of my favourite authors and I am desperate to get my hands on this book. I just know it’ll be fantastic. I really do need it now. It’s out April 21st 2020.

‘The Gravity of Us’ by Phil Stamper. I need this book now. I’ve been trying to get my hand on a proof copy and I just can’t so I’ll be preordering this. A gay love story and space. Sign me up. Sounds like the perfect YA. It’s out February 4th in the US and in May in the UK. Why have I got to wait an extra 3 months??

‘Swimming In The Dark’ by Tomasz Jedrowski. This book sounds absolutely fantastic. It’s an historical fiction LGBT+ novel and that is my idea of heaven. I need this book of my life. It’s out February 6th.

‘Blood and Honey’ by Shelby Mahurin. I don’t know if this is the official cover but I do know I want this book. It’s the sequel to my favourite YA of the year. I’m literally so excited. It’s out the Fall of 2020.

‘CAMP’ by L.C.Rosen. Yes to this book already. Gay kids at theatre camp. How could I not want this. I love L.C Rosens characters so much. Such honest portrayals of queer characters. I’m looking forward to reading it. It’s out May 26 2020.

‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ by Suzanne Collins. I didn’t know I needed this book, but now that it exists I need it. I love The Hunger Games so I’m beyond excited for this. BEYOND. It’s out May 19th.

‘Majesty’ American Royals Book 2 by Katherine McGee. I loved the first and it ended on such a cliffhanger. How could it do that to me? I need to second one so badly. I can’t wait to see what this story has to offer. It’s out Autumn 2020

‘Surrender your Sons’ by Adam Sass. A book where a bunch of kids at conversion camp turn of their councillors! Sign me up now. Just take my money. This ones cover hasn’t been released yet but I’ll eagerly anticipate that too. It’s out September 15th.

I should say this list is all the books I haven’t read that are out next year. There are some fantastic ones coming that I was lucky enough to get proof copies of. Some that are coming out next year that I’ve already had the privilege of reading are ‘My Dark Vanessa’ by Kate Elizabeth Russell, ‘The Other Bennet Sister’ by Janice Hadlow. These are all fantastic so I don’t miss them.

Are there any books you’re looking forward to? Let me know. I’ve probably missed some.

Until the next review


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