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ARC Book Review: ‘The Companion’ by Kim Taylor Blakemore

Title: The Companion

Author: Kim Taylor Blakemore

Length: 271 pages

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing


This was another request from Netgalley I was lucky to receive, and I thought I’d read it before the new year.

Synopsis: 1855, New Hampshire. Lucy is set to hang for double murder. Murderess or victim? Only Lucy knows. In the shadow of the gallows, Lucy reflects on the events that led to her downfall – from the moment she arrived at the rambling Burton mansion looking for work and a better life to the grisly murders themselves. In a mysterious household of locked doors and forbidden affections, Lucy slips comfortably into the shadows, where she believes the indiscretions of her past will remain hidden. But when Lucy’s status becomes a threat to the mistress’s current companion, the delicate balance of power and loyalty begins to shift, setting into motion a brewing storm of betrayal, suspicion, and rage. Now, with her execution looming closer, Lucy’s allies fight to have her sentence overturned as the tales she’s spinning nears its conclusion. But how much of her story can we trust? After all, Lucy’s been known to bend the truth…

I have to be honest and say I did not enjoy this book at all. For me there’s so many things wrong with this book I don’t even know where to start, but I’ll try.

Okay first of all the characters, I didn’t like any of them. Not a single one. None of them had a personality, they seriously could’ve all blended into one and I wouldn’t have known the difference. They had no depth. I’ve finished the book and I still don’t know who some of the characters are and what their purpose was in the novel.

The story has two timelines, both revolved around Lucy, the main character. We first see her arriving to the house looking for work, and we see her in prison waiting to find out if she’ll be hanged for crimes committed at the house. I could see what the author was trying to do, to keep the reading guessing, but I literally didn’t care if Lucy committed the crime or if she died. Like I said, everything that’s been written in this book has been done before and better.

Also, the story itself was bland and predictable. You can definitely tell the author tried to throw in plot twists and keep it interesting but it ultimately failed. I was so bored, I was literally begging it to end. There was what tried (tried because it failed) to be a Lesbian love story but if felt like they’d met twice and were suddenly madly in love. Whilst I’m a appreciative of the LGBT+ representation, it needs to be a lot better than this. I didn’t believe it at all.

This was my first Kim Taylor Blakemore novel and it’ll probably be my last. What could’ve been a gripping historical fiction novel turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for gifting me with a copy of this book in return for an honest, unbiased review. It’s out January 14th.

Until the next review


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