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ARC Book Review: ‘Adults’ by Emma Jane Unsworth

Title: Adults

Author: Emma Jane Unsworth

Length: 400 pages

Publisher: Borough Press


I’d heard such a wonderful things about this novel and was thrilled when it arrived in my post box. I couldn’t wait to get started.

Synopsis: Jenny McLaine is an adult. Supposedly. At thirty-five she owns her own house, writes for a cool magazine and has hilarious friends just a message away. 

But the thing is: 
•She can’t actually afford her house since her criminally sexy ex-boyfriend Art left.
•her best friend Kelly is clearly trying to break up with her.
•she’s so frazzled trying to keep up with everything you can practically hear her nerves jangling.
•she spends all day online-stalking women with beautiful lives as her career goes down the down the drain. 

Adults feels like a glimpse into modern day life of Britain. And I throughly enjoyed it.

It felt like a novel of two halves for me. The first half was almost light and fluffy, with its introduction to the main character, and getting to know her personality. It felt shallow, almost whimsical (I mean that in a good way). It perfectly captures that obsessive nature we all have in us. It was also laugh out loud funny. But you could tell something was coming in the second half.

The second half was beautiful. Underneath the frivolity of Jenny’s character is the overwhelming sense of sadness. ‘Adults’ goes from hilarious to heartbreak. And let me tell you, Emma Jane Unsworth writes heartbreak well. I could feel it through out my body. I won’t spoil anything, but when you find out the reason why for Jenny’s heartbreak, your heart will break to.

It’s full of fantastic characters. From Jenny, to her mum, and her two friends, her ex boyfriend. And the relationships Emma creates for them all. I loved watching Jenny and her mums relationship grow, to see them become closer and lean on each other. It was one of the highlights of the book for me. There’s also an incredibly poignant moment Jenny has with one of her friends, that I’ll never forget. I’m not going to tell you what It is, when you read the book you’ll know. It gave me shivers.

What this book does well is, it highlight what we all do, and that front we all put on to make it seem like we’re all fine. It’s also features how must of us use social media, obsessing over comments, likes and follows (guilty!!). This book really captures a generation that way, I know that feels like quite a statement but it’s true. It’s goes from superficial to real. Again, I don’t mean superficial in a bad way, it’s highlighting how a generation lives.

I highly recommend this book. ‘Adults’ was funny, poignant, heartwarming and heartbreaking. It’s modern and fresh, with an important, triumphant message. It’ll break your heart, but it will also fix it. I’m so glad I read it. It’s out January 30th.

Thanks to BoroughPress for gifting me with a copy of this book in return for an honest, unbiased review.

Until the next review


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