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ARC Book Review: All Of My Friends Are Rich by Michael Sarais

Title: All Of My Friends Are Rich

Author: Michael Sarais

Length: 293 pages

Synopsis: Orphan Leo Cotton has finally built a family, but the advent of bipolar and depression wakes him from this dream life to reveal dark truths about the man he’d married. One year later, Leo is lost. Embarrassed by a dead-end job that barely pays the bills, he can’t help but notice that those around him are all enjoying success. When his closet friend, Sara, asks him to be her best man, Leo reaches the last straw: how can he possibly afford these lavish festivities on his wages? A Grindr chance encounter reveals that a shortcut to riches does not exist… but in the end, this reckless route may cost him loved-ones he aims to impress and welcome terrible danger..

What a book!!

This is one of those books that just captured my heart with its great characters, it’s intriguing story and important message. All of my Friends Are Rich by Michael Sarais is a must read.

The main character is called Leo and I loved him. He’s was such a great character to follow. He was funny, honest and relatable. This is down to Michael, as he’s crafted a great character that has sincerity, especially when you find out the stories conclusion. I think a lot of people will be able to see themselves in Leo, for many reasons.

I love the friendship between Leo and his best friend Sara. They have the kind of friendship we all crave. It’s funny, real and has a real depth of sincerity to it. There’s this really sweet, powerful scene towards the end of the book and it made me cry. It was just profound honesty.

There was a romance in this book that I just adored. Oh boy, I was rooting for them to be together. I won’t spoil the ending and tell you if they do.

This book was very sexually graphic, which isn’t normally my kind of thing, but there was definitely reasoning behind it and it wasn’t in the book unnecessarily. And I’m not gonna lie, the sex scenes were hot! It all led to something more meaningful which I really liked, I explain a bit more about that in the paragraph below.

Here’s what I really liked about this book, is what it says about Mental Health. When I realised that Leo was actually having an episode, it brought the whole story together. It made everything he did make sense, it gave it context and a deeper meaning and I loved it. It shocked me a little that I missed it, but it really made the novel for me to be honest. It’s the perfect reminder how important it is to get help.

This is Michaels debut novel and it really packs a punch. Its full of heart, friendship. Michael has written a beautiful story, which perfectly showcases his talent as a writer. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

I definitely recommend this novel. It’s fun, sexy and it’s got something to say. I loved it. Make sure you definitely pick a copy of this book.

I was lucky to given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest, unbiased review. It’s out now. Don’t miss this one.

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